Weekly Newsletter - 10/14/22

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PTO Newsletter: WS PTO Newsletter October 14.pdf 

Hicks Nichols Committee 
The Hicks Nichols Fund was bequeathed to the school from the estate of John Hicks and Grace Nichols upon the death of their son, Henry Hicks in 1986.  Each year, the school receives the interest from the trust.   The understanding is that the funds be used for innovative and enrichment projects and activities not funded through the school budget.  Our members are Jessica Brown, Amy Beth Main, Tara Smith, Vince Jewell, Jacquelin Antonivich, and Diana Stillson.  

To apply for the grant, click here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AFoEqh7YRS-9BusvfvqXICk-0yJEe1alWMuwHKR0Fno/edit?usp=sharing

Applications are to be returned to school secretaries by: November 1, 2022. The committee will meet to determine recommendations for School Board approval. 

Updated Vaccination Flyer (flu vaccines now available):Updated Vaccine Flyer.pdf 

"Fill-A-Form" - Paper copies were sent home with students this week (students will receive a prize for filled out applications that are returned to office!): 22-23HouseholdIncomeForm1.pdf 

Coat Drive InformationUV Coat Drive Flyer (1).pdf 

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Have a good weekend! 

BJ Esty