Update from Weathersfield School

We are all just an email away.  If you need anything, please reach out to us.  We are all great about answering emails in a timely fashion.  

We are excited to offer all students FREE breakfast and lunch every day, (until the school building is shut down), delivered through our regular bus routes.  On Wednesday, March 18th,  WS buses will be running their normal bus routes to deliver these meals, but at a new time. Please find Food/Bus Route schedule attached. Times are estimated and should be within 5 minutes. Please make sure your animals won't be a threat to our delivery team. We have 228 meals prepared so tomorrow we will have something for everyone. Since this is new to us and all of you, you may not be out there waiting for us. We may drop some meals off in front of student homes, as we will not be knocking on doors. We will use safety precautions to keep socially distant. We are asking for families to put out some type of box/container for the meals to be dropped off, if you would like them daily. This is all experimental. We have no idea how this will go. Perhaps we will have a better handle on how many meals to make and deliver in a few days. The goal is to make sure each and every child gets a meal from us on a daily basis, if wanted. Please note that the buses will park in a certain spot for 30 minutes daily so parents can drive to the bus and pick up meals, if this is more convenient. If your child does not normally take the bus and you would like these meals, please report to the nearest bus stop.   

Remote education will start on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 and continue until the school reopens. Our teachers have been working on distance learning for our Grade 1 -8 students and every teacher has a delivery plan in place.

Special Education and IEP services will continue remotely, as well.  Our case managers are working on rolling that out now.

Parents, WS personnel will be reaching out to students on a regular basis. Some are doing this remotely and some with be checking in via telephone. We have advised personnel who are using their personal phones to hit *67 before dialing your home phone. This way, their numbers will remain confidential.

We are trying to survive in uncharted territory. Every day, we receive a new warning or directive. We are living minute to minute. Please know that we love your children very much and we want to do the very best for them. Even in times of crisis, our mission is clear.... Kids First!

Be safe,