Thank you MAPP, Donors and Volunteers

The WSESU principals are so pleased and proud to announce that each student in our four buildings will receive a Grab and Go Bag, full of crayons, rulers, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, erasers, and more, thanks to the generous donations from folks in our communities!  A special thanks to MAPP  for reaching out to the communities, looking for donations, asking people to shop for the items, and enlisting volunteers to organize the supplies by school.  We gave MAPP a number of Free and Reduced student applicants in our schools, nothing more, just a number, and they did all of the rest. What wasn’t donated, three schools purchased, so this is a nice way of helping parents out during a pandemic. This has saved parents the hassle and expense of having to buy these products. Thank you to all who donated and made this possible for children!  Thank you to MAPP for being excellent partners in making life easier for our communities.


Christine Bourne, Principal from Hartland

Jenifer Aldrich, Principal from Albert Bridge

JeanMarie Oakman, Principal from Weathersfield

Colleen DeSchamp and Kate Ryan, Asst. Principals from Windsor