Special Requests for Parents and Guardians

1. A virtual tour of WS, complete with teachers and staff introducing themselves, will be posted on the school's website today.  This was made for all, but especially for our new Kindergartners and new students who registered over the summer.  Please watch it with your children.  It's our way of trying to put students at ease before they arrive at school on September 8th, in five short days.....HURRAH!!!!

2. I have an extra special request for all parents and guardians.  Please let your children know that when they arrive at school in a car, (BJ will be out there directing traffic flow at 7:46 am until we get the hang of the pattern), ten or eleven different adults, in masks, gloves, and face shields, will be leaning in the car, asking two questions and taking student temperatures at the forehead, using a non-touch thermometer.  I don't want children frightened.  Kindergarten students and new comers to WS will not know who we are and this will be their first introduction to school.  PLEASE, make sure they are aware of what we are doing and there is no need to be alarmed or afraid.  We will have many adults outside ready to take them to their special school entrance door, where another adult will greet them and help them wash their hands with sanitizer.  Then, they go right to their classroom door where their teacher will greet them warmly.  

The same thing will be happening at the bus stops, so all children need to know that this is a routine that the school must perform each and every morning for their health and safety, at least for now.  After a few days, this will be common place.  The goal is to make sure students expect this to happen and are not frightened by it.

Thank you for your partnership!  It is why WS is truly a GREAT school.

Mimi Oakman