Principal Updates

Very Important - Changes in 8th Grade Graduation Scheduled for Tuesday, June 8th at 4:00 pm

Good Afternoon!

The WS Covid Task Force and WSESU Risk Management Teams just met to discuss tomorrow's weather forecast and how to best accommodate 8th grade graduation. There is a 60% chance of rain, so we decided to call it now so we can all prepare!  Graduation will be in the gym at 4:00 pm tomorrow.  Please remember that we must follow all safety rules.  No one has been in this building aside from employees for more than a year, so we are following all safety protocols given to us by Risk Management.  Masks will be worn by all and social distancing will be required outside of the family pods. Remember, this will not be a typical graduation like in years' past.  There will be no hand shaking and less pomp and circumstance than in previous years.  It will still be lovely and memorable for all of our graduates, I promise!

8th grade students will come through the front door at 3:30 to 3:45 pm.  A teacher will greet students as they arrive.  Parents and guests will come in through the gym door closest to the playground apparatus at 3:45 pm, where hand washing stations, masks, and ticket collection will occur.  A graduation program will be provided at this time, as well.

Each student will receive SIX tickets, (instead of the four promised and already given), for their family.  The two extra tickets will be given tomorrow to each 8th grader. The six tickets are for ALL attendees in each pod, including children and adults.  No more than six tickets can be given.  Tickets may not be shared.  There will not be room for people to stand at the back of the gym.  You must have a ticket to get into the gym. Each pod of 6 chairs will have the name of the graduate on the back.  Please stay in your pods from the start to the end of the ceremony.  When you arrive, look for the graduating student's name on the back of the chairs and that will be your family's pod.  Please take your seats immediately.  We are pulling names from a hat to determine where each family pod will be located out of fairness to all. Teachers and staff will be sitting on the bleachers.

Please feel free to take pictures and videos throughout the ceremony.  At the end, the graduates will be dismissed by row.  They will go to the Grade 8 Graduation Treat Table where they will take a Grab and Go Bag, (homemade cupcakes by the Hindinger family),  and proceed directly to their car.  After the last row of graduates leaves, awaiting their parents outside, I will dismiss family pods by row.  Folks are welcome to take a Grab and Go Treat Bag from the Visitor's Table to take home with them, thanks to Heather, Julie and Craig from the WS Kitchen.

If you have questions, please call me at 674-5400, or shoot me an email.


Volunteers Needed

Looking for volunteers to help hand out meals this summer for our picnic series .  This is a great opportunity to help improve food security for our children. EVERYONE 18 and under can take advantage of these delicious and nutritious meals.  A Picnic every day from 6/21 through 8/20! How does that sound! We need help to make this happen. Would you consider helping for 1 ½ hour? We  only need  5 people to take one day a week. Share the joy while you help feed our children! Please email  Anna R. Caputo  to share your availability. It could be a family bringing their kids to the picnic! Thank you for your consideration! As a reminder the times are listed below. Someone Can start at the old Perkinsville School at 9:30 and then go to Weathersfield School at 10:30 and be done by 11am

Weathersfield School - 10:30 to 11:00 am
Old Perkinsville School- 9:30 to 10:00 am

Thank you for any help you can give us!


Jill Lord, RN, MS
(pronouns: she/her/hers)
Director of Community Health
Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center


Saint-Gaudens STEAM information with your students entering 7, 8, and 9th grades in the Fall

Tuition is on a sliding scale (parents choose which amount they can afford to pay, no questions asked). Kelly Broker-Campbell,, is the contact for registration and any questions. We are only enrolling 8 students this summer so interested students/parents should sign up right away!

Kelly Broker-Campbell

Fire Drill

I am so proud of the WS school community!  We had an end of the school year fire drill today.  Abby Haber, Grade 4, was my assistant.  All students and adults exited the building in one minute and 57 seconds.  The students exited the building in silence, quiet and orderly in single file, as they went out to the soccer field to line up for attendance.  WS is a SAFE school!


8th Grade Awards

What a pleasure to watch your child(ren) grow over the years! Best of luck in their future. I will miss them!