Odds and Ends

We did it!!!  We made it through the first three days of in person school and we had fun and felt safe....YIPPEE!!!  Thank you, everyone, for making this possible!  I especially enjoyed the car parade at the end of the school day during pick-up on Thursday.  I loved the horns, shouts of celebration, and big waves and smiles.....how refreshing, especially during these anxious and difficult times in which we live!

I was out ill for the first two days of school and want to personally thank Dr. Baker, Superintendent, for starting each day at WS in my stead.  That was so nice of him AND he had the pleasure of visiting classes, many of which were outside!  Special thanks to BJ and the WS Family, too!  Everything went off without a single hitch!  The "drop off and pick up" looks like a well oiled machine....I was so impressed when I finally got to see it in action on Thursday!  See, you really don't need me; this school can be led with a tight partnership and a positive spirit!

All teachers in the SU have submitted surveys on how they think the first three days went.  The AdTeam read some this morning, (and will study them more fully next week), but the immediate take away is that the majority of teachers feel more relaxed and safe now that school has started and they know what it looks like.  Whewwwww!

I am looking at next week's weather and see we may have a few cold days or days with rain.  Please know that we plan to be outside as much as we can, rain or shine, so please make sure that the children come to school with warm attire and rain gear.