Odds and Ends

If you are experiencing internet problems, please notify BJ Esty, as she has started a spreadsheet of families that may experience access problems should we go remote in the fall.  We are exploring ways we can help.

The AdTeam is very aware of parental concerns regarding just an in person option when returning to school.  We are looking at a couple of ways we might be able to offer schooling for kids/parents who feel safer at home but still want to access an education.  Stay tuned....

Every year, I offer a coffee hour in the AP Room, (now the 6th grade classroom), on the first day of school after parents have walked their primary students to their classrooms.  At the coffee hour, parents are encouraged to ask me any questions about school.  Its a lot of fun! As you know, this will not be possible this year, as we are  minimizing contact and cross contamination for the safety and well being of all.  Instead, I will offer TWO virtual coffee hours the first week of school, one in the morning and one at night so parents can attend at a time that works best for them.  I will release those google hangout links on September 8th, so look for the links.

We will be following all CDC and AOE guidelines this fall.  Students will be 6 feet apart in the classroom and even when outdoors....it will be a challenge, but we are up for it!  Lots of things happening in the school as we prepare to move classrooms to bigger spaces so students can stay together and still spread out.  BJ Esty, The WS Task Force for Reopening School, and I are working on a COVID 19 Newsletter with all of these details and the information Dr. Baker has already sent you too, (with more to come), so it's all in one place for parent ease and easy reference.

For those planning to come back to school on September 8th, it would be a good idea to have your children practice wearing a mask from now until then.  You could make it a fun challenge like asking them to try and wear it for 30 min when watching their favorite TV show and then celebrating every minute they are successful.  The next day, they can try and beat their record from the day before.  Students will be with us from 8:00 to 12:30 when school begins on September 8th and that is a super long time for them to wear a mask, but we will do our best to get them out in the fresh air often during this time frame, (and of course with us following VT Dept of Health recommended mask breaks) .  Here are some fun primary links that might help you prepare students for mask wearing:



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