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Announcement: PACE Vermont is recruiting young people to take surveys
Article/Photo Essay: Father Soldier Son – a military family’s experience
Article: Philip Morris markets new tobacco product, putting kids at risk
Fact sheet: Vaping lingo dictionary
Article: 32% of young adults at risk for serious Covid-19 consequences

Announcement -- Study: PACE studies offer survey opportunities for young Vermonters

Source:  PACE Vermont, a research and evaluation partnership between the Vermont. Department of Health (VDH) and the University of Vermont (UVM) Center on Behavior & Health


·      This summer, the PACE Vermont team will enroll approximately 1,200 youth (aged 12-17) and young adults (aged 18-25) for 2 studies.

·      The Pace Vermont Study aims to understand the impact of state-level policies and communication campaigns on substance use beliefs and behaviors in young Vermonters aged 12-25. Participants receive a $10 online gift card for each survey completed, plus a $20 bonus for completing all three surveys, for a total of $50.

·      The PACE Vape Messaging study aims to identify messages to prevent or reduce vaping in young adults. Participants receive a $10 online gift card for completing the first survey and a $15 online gift card for completing the second, for a total of $25.

·      For more information, and to enroll, visit:


Article/Photo Essay: Father Soldier Son: A Father of 2 Boys Went to War. We Chronicled Their Lives for 10 Years

Source: The New York Times


·      Military families are a vulnerable population for substance misuse

·      While this story does not address substance misuse, it is a moving account of the hardships faced by a military family, including mental health issues

·      From the editors: “The Costs of war are often tallied in troops lost or wounded, but there are other consequences that are harder to measure.”


Article: FDA puts kids, public health at risk by allowing Philip Morris to market IQOS heated cigarette as modified risk tobacco product

Source: American Heart Association


·       Setting a dangerous precedent that puts kids and public health at risk, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the marketing of Philip Morris’ IQOS heated cigarette as a “modified risk tobacco product”

·       The FDA acknowledges that Philip Morris failed to show that IQOS presents a reduced risk of tobacco-related disease

·       The FDA is not requiring Philip Morris to provide evidence, based on any U.S. data, that the product’s marketing won’t appeal to kids. 

·       kids will be exposed to marketing that portrays IQOS, a highly addictive tobacco product, as an appealing, cool alternative to cigarettes, in much the same way as e-cigarettes.


Fact sheet: Vaping Lingo Dictionary

Source: The Truth Initiative


Article: Why 32% of Young Adults are Vulnerable to Severe Covid-19 Coronavirus Infections

Source: Forbes

·      A new study in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that 32% of people in the 18-25-year age group may be at risk for severe illness if infected with Covid-19

·      The research team put together an indicator of medical vulnerability for Covid-19 illness based on the CDC’s list of risk factors

·      One of the risks is to have used tobacco, cigars, or e-cigarettes over the past 30 days.


Elizabeth Kelsey
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Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership
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