Looking Ahead - Important

Thanksgiving Shut Down
The Weathersfield School will be closed from November 23, 2020 until December 7th for the Thanksgiving holiday and this will also allow families time to quarantine just in case they travel or have been in celebrations with more than 10 people.  Remote learning will be provided during the week of November 30th – December 4th.  Your child’s teacher will provide asynchronist, (independent), and synchronist, (face to face), instruction during that week.  Teachers will be sharing more of this information as the weeks go on.  The next Principal’s Newsletter will be on December 11, 2020.

School Board Vacancy
We have an opening on the WS School Board and are currently accepting letters of interest.  Please send them to BJ Esty at school, who will then share them with the full board for consideration.  For more information, call the school at 674-5400.

School Board Meets
The next meeting of the WS School Board will be December 8th at 6:00 pm.  The meeting will be a virtual meeting and the Superintendent’s Office will be providing that link soon.

Budget Advisory Committee
The Weathersfield School Board is looking for volunteers for the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC). The purpose of the BAC is to go through the preliminary school budget line by line, making recommendations to the Board. This takes place during several meetings between now and the end of January. Given current circumstances the meetings will most likely be virtual. Our goal is to get a variety of people representing Weathersfield to work with the Board on this important task. This year will be a difficult year due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. If you are interested in applying, please send your contact information to BJ Esty at school, (674-5400).

Happy Veteran's Day!