Kids Heart Challenge 21

Congratulations and specials thanks to PE Teacher, Laura Berry, for conducting this year's Kids Heart Challenge!  It was another super year!  Thank you to the 59 students who participated....great community service!  Here are some fun details and be sure to check out the thank you note attached:


59 Students registered 

28 students raised over $100 or more!  12 Students raised over $200! 2 students raised $500 each!

46 Students K-4  $  5442.93

12 Students 5-8:  $ 1509.19

 So far, grades K-4 participated in the Glow Games Celebration during PE class.  Oranges and glow necklaces were given out as a choice.  Grades 5-8 will participate in a Glow Games Celebration after April Vacation.  

The moment you might be waiting for…

$6,952.12  (our 2rd highest amount since 2003 and last year was $6065.14)