Getting Ready for FY 22

As the faculty, staff, and I prepare for the fall, including introducing a new principal, we are faced with some changes in the way we have traditionally done business.  This is primarily due to the pandemic, which has shifted a number of things this year. For example, we have home study and remote students returning in the fall, which has impacted our placement numbers. Some are students I have never met as they moved in to the area over the summer and have remained home for their education. In the past, we have welcomed parent input on placement decisions.  Because we are dealing with many unknowns and the learning needs of all students, we need to have a better handle on balancing class rosters.  I am asking classroom teachers to come together and create the fall rosters as a team.  No one knows their students better than teachers!  If there is a special circumstance you would like us to consider, please let the classroom teacher know.  There are some students who need to be separated for various reasons, and of course we like to balance classes based on gender, behavior and needs based decisions.  In light of this change, I will not be sending out the annual parental input form.  I am giving teachers the time to create class lists and then get them to me for final approval.  On or near the last day of school, your child will come home with a little note that simply says "Your child, (name here), will have, (teacher name here), in grade (grade inserted here), for the 2021-2022 school year.  Thank your cooperation and understanding in this important and sensitive change.

Enjoy your vacation,