Friendly Reminders

The staff and children for in person learning are delighted to be back today!  Lots of smiling faces here at WS, (or grinning eyes, as it were)!

Please remember that the school driveway is posted for 5 miles an hour.  Also, we have a stop sign as you leave school, just before Jenness Road, so please be sure to stop before preceding down the road.

We are anticipating about 11 students returning to in person instruction on January 25th.

The WS Task Force met today to map out the changes needed when we increase school by one hour, (8:15 to 1:15, starting January 25th).  We are discussing these changes with teachers on Tuesday, so we hope to make announcements on changes by Wed.  It will shift bus times by about 15 minutes and we hope to start drop off earlier in the morning, with parent pick up at night being immediately after the three buses leave, about 1:20 pm.  More details on this later.