Award for Highest GPA

At the 8th grade graduation ceremony on June 12th, the following paragraph should have been read after Dory Hindinger was named as the student with the highest GPA:

It is with great pleasure we announce the academic award bestowed to the 8th grade graduate with the highest grade point average, Dory Hindinger.  Dory's work ethic, higher order thinking, extraordinary metacognition, thirst for new learning, deep curiosity, and passion for digging deep into learning has earned her this award.  Dory's personalized learning plan, above and beyond her regular school learning, has connected her with an author and has enhanced her own writing experience, as she continues to work on the book she started three years ago.  Recently, Dory has been working with a local newspaper, so she could learn more about journalism.  Dory is the WS Student Council President and had led that group with honor and skillfulness.  Dory is very interested in women's rights and giving a voice to the downtrodden.  Dory is an excellent speech writer and orator, a gift that many at WS have come to admire. Dory attended WHS every morning for their period 1 Algebra class and found the work to be stimulating and challenging. Dory is an independent worker and loves to stretch herself as a learner and a thinker. Congratulations to Dory Hindinger, you make us all proud here at WS!

We regret the oversight and want to sincerely congratulate Dory Hindinger and her family on this prestigious award. 

Mrs. Oakman